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to my collections of digital art!

The designs...

From simple geometric shapes, to 3D landscapes, monochromatic to full saturation. Patterns, mandalas, abstracts, short videos - there is much to explore!

...The process

My work is the result of the last five years of experimentation and fun. All images have been made on my android phone. I create whenever I have time - as I wake up, on the train, on my lunch break, in bed on sleepless nights...


NFTs...the buzzword everyone is talking about.
Art sold on the blockchain.


My art is being sold as NFTs on various platforms, currently on the Tezos blockchain. You can discover what's on offer by heading to my 'shop'. 


Learn a little more about the person behind the art, how I got into creating, my tools and pr processes, and how I got into cryptoart. 

Contact me...

Feel free to get in touch! 

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