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Welcome to my collections of digital art. 

All images on this website were made and edited using android apps (mainly ILIXA apps) and are the result of the last three years of experimentation and fun. 

Each and every image is available for purchase as prints or other products, via the collection pages. Check out the buying guide here.

There is much to explore - scroll down and choose a gallery to view!

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2020_10_18 - image3A172661_mirror.jpg
2020_09_05 - image3A162336_Glitch6.jpg
2020_12_20 - image3A183120_Glitch3.jpg
2020_09_05 - image3A168018_Glitch.jpg
2020_12_13 - image3A180904_Glitch3.jpg
2020_12_31 - image3A184853_mirror2.jpg
2019_09_25 - 77426_mirror.jpg

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