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A little bit about myself,
and my art

about me
Hi, I am dahleea!
About me

I am a digital creator based in Central Europe. 

I have no formal training in the arts (hence hesitant to call myself an 'artist'), but I am very visual, and love to create, whether it is pencil drawings on paper, paint on canvas, digital designs or photography. And all this with some good music playing in the background.

Whilst art and creating have always been in my life, I have only been making digital art for the last 5 years or so, using my phone and some very well-made apps which allow for a huge amount of creativity and potential.

When asked what my influences are, I shrug and admit that I don't draw inspiration from any particular artist. genre or style. Similarly, I don't feel circumstances (such as mood, location, music, weather etc.) influence my work either. Instead, I allow the process of creation to take a life of its own. Perhaps influences are subconscious.

My work ranges from simple, organic, fluid lines and shapes, to very structured, hard geometries and arrangements. I cover the spectrum of colours, from muted to vibrant. Still, monochrome has a special place in my heart and I especially love to play with shadows to create the illusion of depth.
I enjoy variety and experimentation, and this is clearly reflected in my work.


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