about me

Half Greek, half British, now living in the Austrian Alps.

I am a restless soul, constantly looking for new stimuli, ways to express myself, places to explore.


I am no artist, designer, or photographer, but I am very visual, and love to create, whether it is pencil drawings on paper, paint on canvas, digital designs or photography. And all this with some good music playing in the background.


Why "dahleea"? 


Involutes, spirals, symmetry, sequences and other mathematical relationships which are used as a basis for my designs are found abundantly in nature. Seeds and flower heads in particular, obey a particular genetically determined pattern of growth, which apparently maximises the amount of sunlight and rain they receive. This pattern is described by the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci effect can be seen in flowers with as little as 3 petals, but is much more visible and impressive in those with more, such as flowers belonging to the asteraceae family. Dahlias are such an example. The wondrous petal arrangements of dahlias perfectly capture the essence, or at least the intention, of my designs - born from mathematics and blooming into delightful patterns.